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  • Destiny Held Hostage


    Format - Paperback Book

    Christians everywhere have been blindsided by betrayal at some point in their lives.  One day, they're running their spiritual race, giving their all joyfully for Jesus, when sudden insult or injustice knocks them off course.  Best case scenario?  They stagger around nursing their wounds before continuing on, more pitiful than powerful.  Worst case scenario?  They lose their way completely, fail to get back on track, and wind up falling permanently short of their God-ordained destiny.  If you're a member of the walking wounded, it's time to let go of the hurt, grab hold of your destiny, and run to the Destiny Maker.

    God has not called you to simply endure mistreatment, put up with the pain, and stagger across the finish line of life gasping, "Well, at least I survived."  In order to walk through the land mines and come out on the other side with your destiny intact, you need to know the tricks of the enemy and learn how to outsmart the devil at his own game.

    With the knowledge you gain in this book, you'll finally be able to silence the voice of hurt, betrayal, and disappointment in your life and use your voice to declare His Word, confident that God will repay you whatever the devil has stolen through injustice, mistreatment, or offense.  It's time to take back what belongs to you.  It's time to reclaim your destiny.

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