Do yourself a favor! READ THIS BOOK! Do something great for a friend! Buy them one! Thank you Vikki for being so transparent and letting the world see how great and mighty God truly is! All I can say is just WOW! This book is an amazing testimony of God’s amazing grace and mercy! I can’t begin to tell you how it has impacted my life! EVERYONE NEEDS THIS BOOK!

Rhonda Phyla

I was blessed to read Some Days You Dance and believe you will be too. I found it to be very informative and extremely brave. Here’s a lady who cuts to the chase. She will show you how much Jesus loves you without having to be perfect all the time. This book is refreshingly honest and will reveal things that people need to know so that they too can find their way to freedom, just as Vikki did. I appreciate her candor and insight, and highly recommend this book to you.

Jesse Duplantis
Jesse Duplantis Ministries

I love Vikki’s new book, Some Days You Dance. She is so honest; she has humbled herself and has bared her soul in order to help others enjoy the same victorious lifestyle that she now enjoys. Vikki not only reveals her own personal challenges and hardships but she also shares the Bible-based principles that enabled her (and will enable you) to overcome rejection, bitterness and self-deception. She instructs you in how to lay aside the frantic “good works” that so many Christians today are involved in, endeavoring to become accepted by the Father, and instead shows you how to focus on just being who and what His Word says you are. I’m confident that as you read each page and apply the truths that are revealed, your life will never be the same.

Jerry Savelle
Jerry Savelle Ministries

Some Days You Dance is Vikki’s remarkable testimony of the power of God to transform a life. Whether you are weighed down by the past or exhausted by your attempts to serve God, this book contains truth that will point you to freedom, peace and abundant life.

John Bevere
Messenger International

When is enough enough? Approval addiction, performance based behavior and a search for acceptance is a prescription for a life of self defeat. In Some Days You Dance insightful author Vikki Burke draws a blueprint for a purposed-filled path to freedom and victory. Her book is life changing and a much needed breath of fresh air. I highly recommend it.

Van Crouch
Van Crouch Communications

It’s a “Genesis” moment when you face the hard truth….Do I love this life I live? As you journey with Vikki through years of finding her answers to freedom you will see and learn that…YOU TOO can dance!

Phil and Lynne Driscoll
Mighty Horn Ministries

Thank you Vikki for being so vulnerable by sharing your painful past and empowering the readers with God’s Word to come out of bondage. Your book will challenge, inspire and heal anyone whose heart is open to the Holy Spirit. HIS love and light in us will set us free to experience Some Days You Dance.

Anita Bryant
Entertainer, Author

I have known Vikki Burke for more than twenty-five years, and I value her friendship and her ministry. Her book is absolutely wonderful. Her honesty and transparency in sharing her testimony and the challenges of her journey of faith are a breath of fresh air. Every believer ought to read this book because it will help him or her avoid the trap of doing for God instead of first being with God. Vikki, you’re a joy to know and an inspiration to me. Thank you for bearing your soul and sharing your journey with us. I love you.

Pat Harrison
President & Founder FCF

Surely this can’t be so, I thought as I read Vikki’s openly exposing account of her life. As a teenager Vikki’s spirit was rescued and set free by a new birth. Yet her pathetic past affected her soul. Driven to overachieve, Vikki eventually burned out and crashed. But she followed her Savior to the place of peace for her soul and body, as well as her spirit. And in this extremely well written, reads-like-a-novel book, she reveals how her deliverance came and how others can know complete victory and freedom.

Billye Brim
Billye Brim Ministries

Vikki Burke has presented a rare and candid gift to the Body of Christ in Some Days You Dance. She encourages every believer to get real with God and themselves, to see through the eyes of unconditional love and in so doing break free into a new life of joy, power, peace and significance.

Kellie Copeland
Kenneth Copeland Ministries

I read Vikki Burke’s book with amazement. Her openness, transparency, willingness to “bear it all,” plus provide the healing side of her story, will cause this book to be a source of strength and profound help to many readers who have “hit the wall” emotionally or who are physically exhausted and drained. I waited a long time for this book-and now that I’ve read it, I must say that it proved to reach higher than my expectations.

Rick Renner
Pastor, Good New Church
Moscow, Russia

Vikki fleshes out for us all what it is to find the kind of freedom our faith promises, but many fail to achieve. Her spiritual journey is shared with great courage and candor, wisdom and wit. I see it as a roadmap for anyone willing to begin their own journey toward true freedom in Christ. I loved it!

Ava Pickard, MSSW, LCSW
Christian Therapist
Healing Streams Ministries

I am excited to recommend Vikki Burke’s book, Some Days You Dance. I believe the message in this book will encourage you to live a life full of purpose and at the same time teach you how to enjoy the journey. I appreciate Vikki being so transparent in sharing her testimony of overcoming her past and learning how to enjoy life. Vikki is an anointed minister of the Gospel and she has a very powerful testimony. I believe this is a right-on-time message and will teach you the steps to take to enjoy the freedom and victory that Jesus has purchased for you.

Mark Hankins
Mark Hankins Ministries

Some Days You Dance is a powerful book that has the capacity to touch the heart and minister to needs of every man or woman who reads it. Vikki’s willingness to provide such an open and honest revelation of her own life should be an encouragement to all of us to deal with our own self-imposed shortcomings and thereby position ourselves to truly live in the freedom and complete prosperity God desires for us. No one should miss this book. It will BLESS you-even if you are a political junkie, businessman who normally would never read a book like this-in fact, especially if that’s the case!

Buddy Pilgrim
Former President of Pilgrim's Pride Corp.
Minister and Entrepreneur

Vikki Burke has written a true masterpiece! This book addresses the heart of the battle for so many people, including those of us in ministry. I hope every Christian everywhere will read this book and allow it to minister to their heart. Vikki has over thirty years’ experience understanding this battle-AND she has found the victory! May you find your freedom as well. This may very well be the spiritual medicine you need to put you over. Job well done, Vikki.

Mark T. Barclay
Pastor, Living Word Church

I was captivated from the opening paragraph! What surprised me was to see “my story” between the lines. After a few years of dancing through my own tears…I found that I was the one screaming, “I’m so glad that I’m saved and going to heaven and all, BUT IT APPEARS THERE IS STILL SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH ME!” You, too, whether a new believer or seasoned minister, will find yourself between the lines of each page. It’s a MUST READ for every believer! P.S. Don’t skip the Discovery Guide! Powerful and liberating!

Dr. Neecie Moore
LMFT - Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

Some Days You Dance is a revealing story of the power and love of God as it transforms the life and family of Vikki Burke. I both wept and cheered as Vikki overcomes her desperation and eventually triumphs over evil. This is a must read book for anyone who wants to experience the life-changing power of God.

Pastor Happy Caldwell
Agape Church
Little Rock, Arkansas

Most of us can relate to Vikki’s story of earning our worth and value through accomplishments and tireless efforts to please everyone, including God. Her words echoed my past. Vikki’s story is gripping and powerful. She outlines the practical steps for anyone who wants to put the past behind them, once and for all. I truly believe this book is a “must read” for every person who recognizes their own need to be free-free from performing at life, free from insecurity, free from debilitating thoughts, free from struggling. It’s also a great tool to use to minister to others.

Terri Savelle Foy
Terri Savelle Foy Ministries

Some Days You Dance will bless and encourage you to keep pressing into Jesus the author and finisher of your faith, so that you walk in a greater understanding of who you are in Christ and to train and reign in the area of your mind.

Rev Dr Margaret Court,
AO, MBE, Ph.D. LLD (hon),
Senior Pastor, Victory Life Centre
International Tennis Hall of Fame
Perth, Western Australia

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