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  • Transforming Your Self Image - (Kindle)


    Format - Kindle Format

    Have you ever been to an amusement park that had those funny shaped mirrors? There are mirrors that make you look really tall and thin. Others that make you look short and wide.

    There is also a mirror that makes you wide in the middle while your legs and neck look skinny. Words spoken by significant people in your life - friends, spouse, parents, teachers or employers - can affect you like the amusement park mirrors. When you allow the opinions of others to determine your perspective, the image you have about yourself can become distorted in the same way the amusement park mirrors distort your body.

    This format is compatible with Kindle devices, as well as the iTouch, iPhone, and iPad, through the free Kindle app. If using an iTouch, iPhone, or iPad please be sure to download the Kindle app before purchasing this format.

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