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  • The New Jesus Revolution

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    Format - 2 CD Series

    There is a powerful rebirth taking place now — radical Christianity is resurfacing, and a host of Christians are rising up who have a deep desire to walk with God, pray effectively, and experience His presence.

    We are standing in the days of God’s greatest outpouring in history. Now is the time for everyday Christians to go deep — to get radical with Jesus. Now is the time to join the New Jesus Revolution.

    In these messages, you will discover:

    • That the power and abundance of God is active and available to every believer.
    • That you have already been filled with the revolutionary deposits of God.
    • That you are already equipped to be a powerhouse — you can activate your own awakening!
    • How radical Christians can have a powerful and dramatic impact.
    • How God’s presence in your life can grow to new levels.
    • How a worldwide awakening is springing up throughout the nations!


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