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  • Leading with Excellence II

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    Format - 6 CD Series

    What are the qualities every leader must have to succeed? How does a leader’s view of themselves dictate the outcome of their ministry? What is the key concept to position people for their God-given purpose?

    In this series, Dennis Burke examines principles for inspiring, motivating and influencing others. He focuses on insights which will empower you to become a more powerful person and influential minister of the Gospel. You will discover how life can be redefined by developing new habits of thinking. You’ll also find a new approach to your personal development that will strengthen your ministry. 

    This series is comprised of messages given at gatherings of Christian leaders from around the world. In his direct and often humors way Dennis Burke brings to life God-given concepts which will empower you to be a more effective leader.

    In this series:

    The Righteous Shall Live By Faith 

    The Satisfied Life

    Keys for Redefining Your Life

    David’s Key to Influence Generations

    David’s – Standing in a Place of God’s Grace 

    Your Personal Revelation of Sonship

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