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  • Empowered By Grace - When the Impossible Becomes Possible - (ePub)


    Format - ebook

    It's no mystery the last days are here. We are living in the time that will climax in a spiritual explosion of light in the midst of darkness. The believer has been given the mission to bring Heaven's powers to Earth for just such a time as this.

    Our mission as God's last days volunteers is-much like Elijah's was-a mission impossible. And nothing short of God's supernatural grace can possibly empower us to fulfill our mission.

    In this book, you will learn how God's favor moves Him to give to us freely, understand how God's grace empowers you for your personal mission, grasp the liberating laws of God's grace system, and discover higher levels of active participation with God.

    This format is compatible with Sony Reader, Nook, BeBook, COOL-ER, Cybook, Kobo, Apple iOS, and Android

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