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  • The Satisfied Life: Secrets for Redefining Your Life - (ePub)


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    Every person can enjoy life the way God designed it—joy-filled and satisfying. Yet, there is a secret struggle taking place all around us. It is a hidden battle affecting millions of people—one that shackles them to disappointment, discontent, and frustration. Unfulfilled dreams haunt them; doubts and fears hold them captive. Many have let events from their past, their current circumstances, or the opinions of others define their lives and control their destiny.

    Of course there are some who have found success from society’s point of view. Yet, in reality they are living quiet lives of desperation. For them, despite the acclaim and prosperity they have achieved, the question remains, “why am I overwhelmed with stress and still so dissatisfied?” No matter how successful they become, it’s just not quite enough. Their quest for success and material things has defined their lives.

    No matter what has defined your life, with God’s help you can find new direction and fulfillment. In this life-changing book, Dr. Dennis Burke reveals with clarity and Spirit-led wisdom how to identify the controlling factors in your life that have held you back. You will discover encouragement and insight from God’s Word and the secrets of how to redefine your life.

    There is a joy-filled life available to you. You really can live—The Satisfied Life.

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