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  • Help! My Life is Out of Control

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    Format - 3 CD Series

    How many times a day do you wish your life was less hectic and complicated? Your mind often swims as you deal with all the distractions that bombard you, all the people who pull on you, all the responsibilities you've committed yourself to. By the end of the day, your energy is sapped; your emotions are drained; and all you want to do is vegetate in front of the television or fall into bed and sleep. You know you need to spend more time with God in prayer and the Word, but where can you find the time? If this sounds a lot like your life, Vikki Burke has a profound message of practical wisdom and scriptural insight to share with you. In her three CD series, "Help! My Life Is Out of Control!" Vikki stresses a very important truth: God has made you the captain of your own ship. You are responsible only to Him for the course you sail. If you've been feeling like your ship is going down in stormy seas, you need this teaching. Vikki provides a wealth of vital principles that will help you shed unnecessary baggage and get your life back on course — headed toward peaceful waters and, ultimately, your divine destiny!

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