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  • Develop A Winning Attitude


    Format - Paperback Book

    Attitudes, not circumstances make the difference for those who overcome the toughest situations. God made us to be winners — unfortunately, too many have been conditioned to lose. We can be winners if we choose to nurture an attitude that releases the power of God instead of one that keeps us confined to fear and failure.Your willingness to line your thinking up with what God has said will set the course for success or failure. That's because what happens in you is more important to your success than what happens to you. Just as surely as success begins with an attitude, failure begins with an one. A winner is not someone who has never suffered a setback. He is someone who knows that when the setbacks come, he must get up and continue forward. If you refuse to quit, you cannot lose. Quitting is not an option, but change is always a part of the winner's life. The good news is anyone who is willing to change can develop a winning attitude!

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