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  • Aim Your Child Like an Arrow


    Format - Paperback Book

    For those of you with the responsibility of raising a family, I know this book will be an invaluable tool that you will refer to many times as you seek to apply God's truths to training your children or grandchildren. Vikki is a great communicator of these truths, and her how to" applications are practical and insightful. In today's society with so many dysfunctional families, it is refreshing to know that the Word of God is still the answer.Vikki Burke is a mother who has applied God's Word in raising her child. Her daughter Jessica is a young woman who reflects her parents' dedication to biblical training. She is a credit to the values they have instilled in her.As a mother and grandmother, I take the responsibility of continuing to instill the Word of God into my children and grandchildren very seriously. In reading this book, I was blessed and found fresh inspiration for ministering to my family. You will too." ~Carolyn Savelle

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