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Carried to Safety

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Both Old and New Testaments are filled with scriptural promises of protection. In Psalm 91 hold some of the most powerful promises. It contains God’s perfect will on the matter. We have the right to pray these promises and receive them by faith.

Three times in Psalm 91 God promises to deliver us. The second mention of His deliverance is found in verse 14: “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name.”

The Hebrew word translated deliver is different from the one in verse 3. This word means to lift and carry to safety. Rather than referring to a rescue that takes place after you’re already caught in a snare, it speaks of a God’s deliverance coming in advance.

When God lifts you up before difficult times come and carries you through them, you avoid the snares Satan sets in your path. You can stay safe in the place God has created for you even while around you the storms of life rage.

Proverbs 13:14 says, “The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, that one may avoid the snares of death” (AMPC). The more we meditate on the teaching of God’s Word, the wiser we grow in our ability to avoid the snares set for us.

Paul experienced this kind of deliverance when he was traveling on a ship to Rome to stand before Caesar. During the trip, the ship was caught in a terrible storm. It was destroyed in the raging sea, and Paul was marooned on the island of Malta.

Before those things happened though, God warned Paul about them. God alerted him that there was trouble ahead, and Paul passed the warning along to those in charge of the ship. If they had listened, they could have avoided the storm completely. But they didn’t. They chose to listen to the captain instead of Paul. They stuck with their original plan and sailed right into disaster.

Their decision ultimately cost them their ship and all their cargo, but before the tragedy claimed their lives, Paul heard from God again. In the belly of that prison ship he had a visitation from an angel. The angel came with a message of hope and a promise of protection which Paul shared with all those on board (See Acts 27:22-26).

This is a perfect example of God giving aid in advance. It shows how He can provide safety and calm even during life-threatening trouble.

That storm came to take Paul’s life because he was such a threat to the kingdom of darkness. But it couldn’t get the job done. Paul made it through unharmed because he was listening to and obeying God, calling on Him rather than focusing on the perils of the sea. God had given Paul an assignment to preach the Gospel in Rome to Caesar and no storm hell could whip up would stop them!

Because Paul connected by faith to God’s delivering power, not only did he complete his trip, but none of his fellow travelers lost their lives.

Be sure to read tomorrow’s devotional for the last description of how God will deliver. And if you haven’t already ordered, Help! It’s Dangerous Out Here — How to Walk in Supernatural Protection, do so today!

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    Help! It's Dangerous Out Here

    Help! It's Dangerous Out Here

    Psalm 91 boldly declares “a thousand may fall at your side,” but evil will not come near us—if we trust in God. In the face of alarming newscasts rife with mass shootings, terrorist threats and unpre... read more

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