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  • The Power of Peace - Protection and Direction


    Format - Paperback Book

    God's peace, as the Bible describes it, is a life-changing force given two vital assignments related to your heart. It is assigned to guard your heart and to act as umpire — helping you to make the right decision in challenging situations. So how do you get and keep this gift of peace from God? Obtaining it and letting it do what God created it to do is the most important thing anyone can ever do for the sake of his or her heart. Choose to be that one whose heart is peaceful and quiet — the one for whom the eyes of the Lord search the whole earth. As you let peace guard your heart from every intruder and rule like an umpire in very situation, you will enjoy undisturbed fellowship with God. And you will give Him opportunity to do what He desires most — to show Himself strong on your behalf.

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