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  • How's Your Love Life


    Format - Paperback Book

    The most powerful force in existence is the God-kind of love. It is more powerful than anything known in both this realm and in the realm of the spirit. It is one of the greatest proofs that Jesus is alive in you. If you cannot say you exhibit this kind of attitude in your life, then re-examine your commitment to walk in love. There are two kinds of love: "agape" love and "phileo" love (which is friendly or brotherly love). There is a sharp contrast between the two. One is born of the Spirit; the other is born of emotions. Where natural phileo love has its limits, agape is unlimited love. God's love born in you will stand strong even when your emotions have every reason to quit loving. The God-kind of love is perfect love. It is without question the greatest of all the fruit of the Spirit dwelling in the believer. Nothing is more necessary in the life of a believer, and nothing makes life richer. We must make this life of love our quest.

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