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Sep 01

Wealth Is God's Design

To understand how God’s people are going to strike a blow to the root of Satan’s power we need to make sure we understand what a stronghold is. A stronghold is a fortress or a place of strength.

Satan has used greed, covetousness, and materialism to consume people with lust to divide them and turn them against one another. The strength of the kingdom of darkness is in deceiving people. If he can deceive them into making wealth the focus of their pursuits, then he can keep them limited to the natural realm, and on the treadmill of never quite having enough.

A stronghold either holds people in or keeps them out. In one way, this stronghold of wrong thinking concerning wealth will keep people in the rat race of seeing and wanting but never being satisfied. It will keep them in natural and carnal thinking.

This same stronghold will keep people out of God’s best. Those Christians who remain carnal in their thinking will never find out how to rise up out of the world’s system of finance into God’s way of doing things. They will never discover how to give in faith and receive from God. Or they may give but not grasp the importance of increasing. They will be limited to what they can do naturally.

But we can break the limitations and rise up to a new level of receiving from God. We can turn our financial world around and sever the root of all evil once and for all. There is great importance in attacking this financial arena. Because when we can cut the root of every evil designed against mankind we can also destroy the fruit it produces. When money has its proper priority in our lives it will be used, but not abused. It will do what it was designed to do—glorify God.

Wealth has always been designed to fulfill the plans and purposes of God. His plan is that we prosper personally in order to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to bring financial freedom to His people worldwide. God’s purpose is to destroy the works of the devil. What better way to destroy Satan’s work than to take the wealth he considers his?

We can become a vital part of God’s plan to transfer the wealth that is still in the world’s system. We can let this check list help us tear down Satan’s final stronghold in our lives:

1) We must know that all wealth is meant to fulfill God’s plans and purposes.
2) We must commit ourselves to God’s plan to prosper us financially.
3) We must recognize the pitfalls of improper priorities and avoid them.
4) We must set our minds and affections on His goals and priorities, not the world’s.
5) We must give tithes and offerings in faith, expecting to receive a bountiful harvest.
6) We must expect to receive God-given ideas and insight that will keep increase and  prosperity flowing into our lives.
7) We must be thankful for what we now have and all He has blessed us with.
God is committed to bring His increase to us and destroy all that Satan has done to pervert His plans for people. We can rise up, cut the root of the enemy’s power, and receive all that God has destined for our lives.

“He increased His people greatly, and made them stronger than their enemies” (Psalm 105:24 NKJV).


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